Job Listings

Ferreira Construction Co., Inc. is in compliance with the NLRA Act by posting their notice on all jobsites and the company website.

Job TitleDepartmentLocation
Commercial Electrician(none)Hobe Sound, FL
Director Environment Health Safety(none)Branchburg, NJ
Estimator(none)Branchburg, NJ
Estimator (Civil & Utility)(none)Hobe Sound, FL
Estimator (Civil & Utility)(none)Warwick, RI
Field Engineer(none)Branchburg, NJ
LED Lighting Installation Specialist(none)Medley, FL
Lighting Technician - Traffic Division(none)Hobe Sound, FL
Marine Carpenter(none)Hobe Sound, FL
Project Engineer (Traveling)(none)Branchburg, NJ
Safety & Quality Coordinator(none)Warwick, RI
Superintendent (Traveling)(none)Branchburg, NJ
Traffic Signalization Installer(none)Hobe Sound, FL
Underground Foreman(none)Medley, FL
Underground Lineman(none)Medley, FL
Underground Lineman(none)Arcadia, FL